Color | 30 Min | 2022
Genre: Thriller
Role: Editor
Platform: Public TV Taiwan
Logline: Facing unemployment due to occupational injury, Wu Ziheng unwillingly becomes homeless. Zhang Jinliang, a guesthouse operator, kindly introduces Ziheng to a job at the guesthouse. Indirectly, Ziheng becomes involved in a scam targeting the homeless. 
吳子衡面對職業傷害失業,每個月給母親的津貼頓然沒有頭緒,淪落成街友成為一方法。民宿業者張進良好心介紹民宿工作 給吳子衡,吳子衡間接進入了一場民似詐騙街友事件,吳子衡張進良兩人在民宿產生某種羈絆及同理,讓該起詐騙有了不同的轉變。

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